Polar ESS in Thailand: See Us in Action and Let’s Talk Some More

This July, we landed in the stunning country of Thailand. The brilliant sunshine charged us up as we prepared for our debut at the ASEAN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY WEEK.



We brought along our latest residential and commercial energy storage systems (ESS). For residential users, we offer two solutions: one featuring a hybrid inverter and the other an off-grid inverter, making it easy for everyone to find the perfect match. With our custom software (portal and app), users can monitor their energy storage systems in real-time and smartly control their functions.


During the expo, many visitors were unsure about one key question, so we took the chance to clear things up:


Question: Polar ESS Hybrid Inverter vs. Off-Grid Inverter, How Should I Choose?


Our Answer: Consider These Points…


Do you need to draw power from the grid?

Both Polar ESS hybrid and off-grid inverters can draw power from the grid, but only the hybrid inverter can feed excess power back to the grid for profit. The hybrid inverter combines the benefits of an off-grid inverter with extra versatility.


Are there peak and off-peak electricity price differences?

If your electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day or if there are incentives for feeding power back to the grid, the hybrid inverter can save money by charging during low-price periods and discharging during peak-price times while also making a profit from excess power. If not, the off-grid inverter still provides complete self-sufficiency (and it doesn’t need to connect to the grid).


Are your load requirements high?

For loads that need stable voltage or 24/7 uninterrupted power, the hybrid inverter offers superior voltage quality and reliability. For less demanding loads, the off-grid inverter is more than sufficient.


Is your budget sufficient?

Hybrid inverters, with their extra features, tend to be pricier than off-grid inverters. However, they require less maintenance and come with longer warranties. Choose the best option for your needs or consult our product experts online.


Both our hybrid and off-grid inverters are crafted with care and expertise. No matter which energy storage system you choose, we’ve got you covered with:


– Competitive warranty plans

– 24/7 online support and remote assistance

– Regular remote firmware updates


We’re committed to our mission of “the affordable energy storage people” and making sustainable energy accessible to all.

Polar ESS is dedicated to delivering affordable energy storage solutions without compromising on quality. Join us on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.


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