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Polar ESS Home Energy Solution.

Polar ESS Home Energy Solution.

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Save up to 80% on your energy costs.

By integrating with a PV rooftop system, you’ll can harness the sun’s renewable energy, reducing costs by up to 80% while promoting sustainability. Polar ESS offers a comprehensive solution, providing high-quality devices like inverters and lithium batteries, intelligent software, and outstanding service all under one roof. Its modular design ensures flexibility to adapt to your energy needs and budget, making it the ideal choice for powering your home efficiently and responsibly.

The system in detail.


Charge off-peak and discharge at peak times to protect against price fluctuations. This allows customers to save by charging during cheap rate periods and using stored energy when grid rates are high.

All Polar ESS systems provide backup power as a standard feature, ensuring peace of mind during grid outages. This feature supports essential circuits or offers whole-home backup.

Ordinarily any excess solar energy not been consumed would be sent back to grid. With a battery system, the energy can be stored for later use when the generation is not able to meet the home demands. 

Polar ESS offers advanced software to monitor your energy usage in real time and manage it remotely. This online portal/app optimizes efficiency and reduces costs from anywhere.


Hybrid Inverter

A hybrid inverter combines a solar inverter and a battery inverter in one unit. It converts solar power into usable electricity, charges batteries with excess energy, and seamlessly switches between grid-tied and off-grid operation.

5.2kWh Home Battery

A lithium battery for home energy storage is a rechargeable battery that stores electrical energy. It offers high energy density, long cycle life, fast charging, compact size, and incorporate safety features.

Polar ESS Portal/APP

The Polar ESS smart energy management platform enables real-time monitoring and optimization of household energy use. Accessible via an online portal and app, users can easily manage their systems in the cloud.

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Experience the complete Polar ESS Residential Energy Storage Solution – power your home efficiently and affordably.

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Unlock commercial battery storage solutions perfectly aligned with your scale and requirements.

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Access reliable power wherever you venture with our portable energy solutions designed for convenience and peace of mind.

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