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Polar ESS Commercial Energy Solution.

Polar ESS Business Energy Solution.

Integrated solution.
Unrivalled in power and price point for your business.

With the Polar ESS Commercial Energy Solution, you can easily and permanently cut your energy costs. Polar ESS offers all-in-one integration with a compact cabinet housing the PCS, battery pack, BMS, EMS, air conditioning, and fire protection systems. Its online monitoring provides real-time data for remote monitoring. Generating environmentally friendly power for your business also ensures long-term independence from rising electricity prices.

The system in detail.


The PCS, battery pack, BMS, EMS, air conditioning, and fire protection are within a compact cabinet.

Allows for flexible system scale expansion through the parallel use of multiple machines.

Factory pre-assembly enhances system integration, simplifying transportation and deployment on site.

All data, including cell voltages, pack temperatures, power and energy values, are regularly reported to the cloud. Mode selection and timed control are available via the web or APP, enabling a full remote monitoring platform.


The All-in-one SME ESS

With the commercial ESS, you can power your small to medium sized enterprise even the highest-demand loads with maximum efficiency, minimum energy costs. It’s suitable for various industrial parks, malls, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Smart Energy Management

The Polar ESS smart energy management platform enables real-time monitoring and optimization of commercial energy use. Accessible via an online portal and app, users can easily manage and control their systems in the cloud.

Customers’ Voice.

50kW/ 64kWh | UK

"The POLAR ESS all-in-one green commercial energy system has been crucial for our operations. It helps us manage power during peak production times, so we never have to worry about outages or instability. Our production is more stable, and we’ve seen real savings than before."

------- Manufacturing Manager

50kW/ 64kWh | Norway

"Implementing the SME system has been a transformative experience for our hospital. We rely heavily on a constant power supply to ensure patient safety and operational efficiency. We’re proud to be reducing our carbon footprint while ensuring uninterrupted care for our patients."

------- Hospital Administrator

30kW/ 64kWh | Ireland

"Since installing the system on our farm, it’s been a game changer. This has not only cut our electricity costs but also ensured that we have reliable power even during outages. Plus, knowing we’re using more renewable energy makes me feel good about our environmental impact. It’s a win-win for our farm!"

------- Farm Owner

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