Energy Storage

Power your independence, prepare for outages.

Off Grid Home Battery Storage System

Lithium Battery 4.8kWh

If you’ve got solar panels in place, you can charge it for free and save the sun’s energy for later. If you’ve not got solar panels, use smart tariffs. On a smart tariff, your battery charges when energy is cheaper than normal.

Either way, that lovely cheap energy in your battery will supply your home when you need it.

Our Innovations

Benefits and Advantages


Run up to 16 batteries in parallel – for a usable capacity of over 76.8kWh.


Rack-mounted or floor-standing, suitable for retrofit projects, new solar projects, or as a standalone battery.


High safety LFP battery cell, built to last, with a design life of 6000 cycles.


Coming to you at 50-60% of the cost of the industry heavies.

4.8kWh Low-Voltage Stackable Home Battery

The Models


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