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Polar ESS Off-grid Energy Solution.

Polar ESS Home Energy Solution.

Providing stable power supply
for remote and emergency needs.

Ideal for remote rural areas, islands, mobile applications, and other off-grid needs, the Polar ESS off-grid energy solution offers energy independence and sustainability. An off-grid inverter converts DC power from batteries or renewable energy sources like solar panels into AC power. It is compatible with both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. This solution not only maximizes power usage to reduce electricity bills but also ensures continuous power supply, making it ideal for emergencies such as during outages or in off-grid locations.

The system in detail.


Suitable for remote rural areas, islands, and other off-grid needs.

PV powers the load first; excess energy charges the battery. When needed, the battery powers the load.

Reduces electricity bills by utilizing stored energy and renewable sources.

Ensures consistent power supply during outages or in off-grid locations.


Off-grid Inverter

An off-grid inverter is ideal for remote areas, which seamlessly connects to solar panels and various batteries for flexible energy solutions. Easily scalable through parallel operation, it’s a versatile solution for independent power generation, perfect for emergencies.

4.8kWh Home Battery

With its compact and sleek design, the ALPS BA4.8 is optimized to fit seamlessly into various home environments. It leverages state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology to ensure long-lasting performance, enabling you to store excess energy for later use.

The LFP Battery

A rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with a capacity of 104Ah and a voltage of 12V is versatile for various applications traditionally relying on Lead Acid, GEL, or AGM batteries such as caravans, marine vessels, golf carts, solar storage, and switching systems.

Customers’ Voice.

5kW/ 9.6kWh | Pakistan

"Had system for 6 weeks. Works superbly so far. Tech support have been really helpful whenever I’ve messaged them."

------- Jahanzeb Khan

3kW/2.6kWh | Kenya

"Fantastic kit! It's saving my electric bills, and I no longer have to worry about power outages. Thanks, Polar ESS!"

------- Arap Lagat

11kW/19kWh | Romania

"I have had my System since 2023, I can honestly say that my solar generation system has exceeded my expectations."

------- Adrian Popa

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