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Getting to know your Energy Management Platform

Polar ESS smart energy management platform enables real-time monitoring and optimization of household and commercial energy usage. Integrated with solar, energy storage, EV chargers, and IoT devices, it boosts PV self-consumption rates while predicting energy generation and consumption. This platform supports both online portal and APP access, empowering users to effortlessly monitor, manage, and analyze their systems in the cloud.

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Gives visibility on how much energy is going in and out of the home and tracks how much energy you’re importing and exporting via the grid.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitors your battery’s state of charge, throughput, and energy usage status.

Remote Control

Enables remote management at the tap of a screen.

Easy Connection

Talks to your inverter locally using the home’s WIFI connection and Offers lightning-fast communication.

Smart Energy Management Platform

The App.

Your app is lighter and designed to

keep you connected on the go.

Smart Energy Management Platform

The Portal.

Your portal hosts the full details of your energy data. lt's for detailed

management and monitoring.

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