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Small to Medium Commercial ESS

SME Commercial All in One Battery System.
-A battery and PCS combined

Our SME Battery Cabinet Solution is designed for small to medium-sized business, offering a robust and efficient way to manage energy needs and cut reliance on the grid. This customizable and highly secure system delivers reliable power, ensuring substantial energy bill savings and operational continuity. Its compact and neat installation fits seamlessly into your business environment, providing a scalable and sustainable energy solution tailored to your enterprise’s specific requirements.

Our Innovations

Benefits and Advantages

All-in-one Integration

The PCS, battery pack, BMS, EMS, air conditioning, and fire protection systems are seamlessly integrated within a compact cabinet.

Easy to Install & Operate

Factory pre-assembly enhances system integration, simplifying transportation and deployment on site.

Modular Design

Allows for flexible system scale expansion through the parallel use of multiple machines.

Online Monitoring

All data, including cell voltages, pack temperatures, power and energy values, are regularly reported to the Polar ESS cloud. Mode selection and timed control are available via the web or APP, enabling a full remote monitoring platform.

Single-phase Hybrid Inverters

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