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energy storage


Why Battery Storage?

Save money. Maximize renewable energy.

Charge your Polar ESS system when energy is cheap and clean.

Store low-cost energy in your home battery. You can use renewables or smart off-peak tariffs. (Or both – even better!)

Discharge your Polar ESS system when energy is costly and dirty.

Use your stored energy to run your home on battery power. No more drawing on the grid during peak windows.

The Solution.

Versatile solutions. Diverse applications.

Power your house

Experience the complete Polar ESS Residential Energy Storage Solution – power your home efficiently and affordably.

Power your business

Unlock commercial battery storage solutions perfectly aligned with your scale and requirements.

Power your independence

Access reliable power wherever you venture with our portable energy solutions designed for convenience and peace of mind.

The Products.

Solid products. Small price tags.


We Are Affordable
Energy Solution Provider

our Services

One-stop Solutions

One-stop Solutions

We offer a wide range of home and commercial energy products and services in one place, saving you time and reducing costs.

Energy Management Platform

Energy Management Platform

Develop and deploy software for monitoring and managing energy usage and storage.

OEM/ODM Service

OEM/ODM Service

Whether you need custom-designed products or manufacturing, our team ensures high-quality production.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation and Maintenance

Professional installation and ongoing maintenance services to ensure optimal performance of energy storage systems.

Training and Education

Training and Education

Workshops and online training programs to educate customers on the benefits and usage of energy storage systems.

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Discover what the energy storage experts are buzzing about! Dive into the latest articles, insights, and news from the Polar ESS crew. 

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