Introducing the 12V LFP Battery: The Ultimate Lead-Acid Replacement Solution

We are proud to unveil our latest innovation: the 12V LFP battery, designed to be the ultimate replacement for traditional lead-acid batteries. Bid farewell to the constraints of lead-acid technology and welcome a new era of energy storage with our advanced 12V LFP battery.



Combining cost-effectiveness with exceptional performance, our 12V LFP battery features an impressive cycle life of over 4000 cycles, outlasting traditional lead-acid batteries by tenfold. With just one charge per day, it has the potential to power your home for more than a decade.


For those not requiring large capacity storage solutions, it is available in a lightweight and compact 1.3kWh unit. These units are ideal for pairing with the Polar ESS off-grid inverter, providing both energy storage and power supply capabilities for your home or on the go. The modular design ensures versatility and seamless integration into any setting, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.



You can find our 12V LFP battery in a wide range of scenarios, including caravans, marine vessels, golf carts, solar storage, remote monitoring, switching systems, power backup, and general energy storage. The robust construction and dependable performance make it the ideal choice for any situation.


Featuring a continuous charge/discharge current of 100A, it can be fully charged within an hour, delivering powerful and immediate energy whenever it is needed most.


Embrace the future of energy storage with our 12V LFP battery and enjoy the unmatched reliability and performance it brings. Whether for residential, travel, or industrial use, this innovative solution is poised to power your world with confidence.



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Why Choose LFP Batteries Over Lead-Acid Batteries?

There are several compelling reasons to replace traditional lead-acid batteries with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries:

1. Longer Lifespan

LFP batteries typically offer over 4000 cycles, compared to just 300-500 cycles for lead-acid batteries. This translates to a significantly longer lifespan under similar usage conditions.

2. Higher Energy Density

LFP batteries have a higher energy density, meaning they can store more energy in the same weight and volume. This results in lighter and more compact energy storage solutions.

3. Greater Charging Efficiency

LFP batteries boast a charging efficiency of over 95%, whereas lead-acid batteries range between 70-80%. This means LFP batteries utilize each charge more effectively.

4. Faster Charging

LFP batteries can charge at higher currents, reducing the time needed for a full charge. Some LFP batteries can be fully charged within an hour, unlike lead-acid batteries which require much longer.

5. Enhanced Safety

LFP batteries are more thermally and chemically stable, making them safer under conditions of overcharge, over-discharge, short circuits, or high temperatures. Lead-acid batteries are more prone to thermal runaway and leaks in such situations.

6. Environmental Friendliness

LFP batteries do not contain harmful heavy metals like lead or cadmium, making them more environmentally friendly. Lead-acid batteries pose pollution risks during manufacturing and disposal.

7. Low Maintenance

LFP batteries require minimal maintenance, whereas lead-acid batteries need regular electrolyte top-ups and upkeep to extend their lifespan.

8. Deep Discharge Capability

LFP batteries perform well under deep discharge conditions, while lead-acid batteries suffer significant lifespan reduction when deeply discharged.

With these advantages, LFP batteries are increasingly seen as the ideal replacement for lead-acid batteries, especially in applications demanding high performance and reliability. Clearly, LFP batteries represent the future of energy storage, and the Polar ESS 12V LFP battery is ready to be your smartest choice.


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