Sparkling Debut – Polar ESS Shines @ Solartech Indonesia 2024

From March 6th to March 8th, Polar ESS took the stage at Solartech Indonesia 2024 in Jakarta, marking our impactful debut in Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia.



We showcased our ALPS series home energy storage collection – the Eco hybrid inverter, the high/low frequency off-grid inverter, and their reliable companions, the rack mount batteries. Additionally, we presented our commercial energy storage solutions, ready to meet every business’s unique needs.


Indeed, we’ve customized smart energy solutions for everyone!



The atmosphere in Indonesia was truly remarkable. Our booth became a hub of curious minds, diving deep into our products.


The spotlight, however, fell on our latest addition – the 12V LiFePO4 (LFP) battery, a true superhero born to replace your Lead Acid batteries! More cost-effective than Lead Acid, boasting an impressive 50-60% off the price of the industry giants, smaller and lighter, yet matching the performance of the heavyweight batteries. Safety is paramount – equipped with high-safety LFP battery cells, designed to power on through 4000 cycles, making it the optimal choice for applications ranging from caravans and marine vessels to golf carts, solar storage, remote monitoring, and switching systems.



But wait, the Polar ESS new energy journey has just begun.

We’re on a mission – a mission to deliver top-notch products and energy solutions at even more budget-friendly prices. We won’t stop until smart, clean, and green energy is a reality for everyone.



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