The Journey of Producing a Polar ESS Product

Polar ESS is a brand renowned for breaking conventions and committing to providing high-quality yet affordable products and energy solutions to users worldwide.


Some new customers might assume that our affordability comes from cutting corners. No, no, no, that’s not the case. In fact, we invest heavily in critical steps, ensuring a solid foundation that allows us to complete each subsequent phase smoothly.


To meet the high market demand and our growing production needs, Polar ESS has implemented automated production lines and packaging lines, reducing labor costs while enhancing production efficiency. We integrate cutting-edge technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, into our production facilities and overall operations. Our smart factory has significantly improved automation levels, predictive maintenance, and self-optimization of processes, elevating production efficiency and customer responsiveness to unprecedented heights. Our fully automated production line features multiple vision-recognition six-axis robotic arms, and our self-designed laser spot welding tools have boosted production efficiency to 15-16 ppm.

Another cornerstone of our success is our “zero tolerance” quality inspection process and standards that exceed the industry average. Our full-function laboratory conducts comprehensive aging tests on products, and only those that pass 5 to 8 hours of rigorous testing are approved for shipment. Furthermore, our in-house cell testing, IGBT dynamic testing, and self-developed ATE functional testing all highlight our unwavering commitment to product safety and quality.


But that’s not all. Our automated packaging line ensures that your beloved energy storage products (inverters, batteries, SME All-in-One systems, etc.) are securely fixed and tightly packed before they embark on their journey across the seas, ensuring they arrive safely at their destination.


Ultimately, a perfect Polar ESS product arrives at your doorstep. What began as an idea of “the affordable energy storage people” is brought to life through automation and the latest technology. Overcoming numerous challenges to meet you, it offers a more affordable, intelligent, free, and clean energy lifestyle.


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